52 Video Ideas (tailored especially for YOUR business!)

That's one for every week of the year!

Simply let us know a little bit about your business and we'll put together a package of 52 video ideas for a year's worth of video content for your business. 

We use the same keyword research we use wih our client's videos and our own videos, using key search terms your audience of potential customers are using so you know your video idea is something your audience wants to watch.  


52 videos ideas tailored to your business - that's one for every week of the year! - using the same keyword research we use for ourselves and our clients, all delivered within 52 hours. Our keyword researched video ideas make tagging your videos a breeze, and you can rest assured your video is validated with potential customers and clients who are using these very search terms.

“Before starting Pickford Media I had NO idea what keywords were, let alone what keyword research would entail. I was a videographer; I liked to capture beautiful things on film and watch tutorials about video transitions. 

I found out pretty quick smart that there are a LOT of creative people who can watch YouTube tutorials, but no one really wanted to spend researching boring words!

Cue the happy dance of this boring-word-lover (who was once berated for wanting to tackle both the technical and the creative facets of an internship...!) when I realised that keyword research is one of my happy places!

With that in mind, I introduce to you our latest offering: 52 video ideas, tailored to your business. We us the same keyword research that our clients pay us for and that we use on our own videos, so you can tag your videos with ease and be validated that potential customers are using those exact keywords in their online searches!"

Zoe Winther - Founder, Pickford Media


Why put off taking your business to the next level with video content? 

You can buy 52 Videos Ideas for your business right now for only $52, and they'll be delivered within 52 hours - because when you have a business, you need results yesterday